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AI Summit

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Washington, D.C.

AI is poised to make tremendous impact on federal government systems and the workforce for its ability to save time and money. In the face of this reality, agencies are strategizing how to get on board with the technology while integrating it responsibly.

Join us at the inaugural AI Summit to learn how federal leaders are tackling these challenges and developing solutions that will make a difference.

November 7, 2024
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Washington, D.C.

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Agenda Preview

  • AI Executive Order, What Now?
  • Data Transformation to Integrate AI/ML
  • AI For Cybersecurity and Zero Trust
  • Multi-Domain Operations Integrating AI For CJADC2’s Reality
  • Lightning Rounds: AI Use Cases Across Government
  • Accelerating AI Development (Innovation Hubs)
  • Quantum’s Effect on AI
  • Ethical AI
  • AI Flywheel Awards
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