Listen: FBI Eyes Evolving Tech to Combat ‘Cybercrime as a Service’

Listen: FBI Eyes Evolving Tech to Combat ‘Cybercrime as a Service’


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Season: 6
| Episode: 15
The agency’s intelligence and law enforcement capabilities are keeping pace with technological change to respond to and prevent cyber threats.
Wayne Jacobs, Special Agent in Charge, Criminal and Cyber Division, FBI Washington Field Office

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)'s Criminal and Cyber Division in its Washington Field Office is putting itself in a position to better tackle the new cyber attack landscape that is growing evermore sophisticated with the widespread use of things like wearables and social media that threat actors are exploiting. This includes emerging threats like “cybercrime as a service.” The office’s Special Agent in Charge Wayne Jacobs, whose career as a law enforcement agent includes tackling violent crime and gangs, highlights these new emerging threats, how he’s prioritizing the evolving threat landscape, and how he sees technology supporting field agents to identify and track targets as well as communicate instantaneously.