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Agencies will see more benefits as well as challenges with the adoption of AI into 2024 and beyond.
Government is on a mission to address health disparities and close gaps through technology.
NIH NITAAC Deputy Director credits AI with speeding up program delivery through new technological breakthroughs.
Within 90 days of the order, the Department of Health and Human Services must establish an AI task force.
The government has long valued intellectual property, which accounts for about 41% of the nation's GDP.
Agencies are incorporating the technology into daily operations to improve data processing and broaden treatment options.
Officials say the technology is poised to transform health care with the right investment.
The Naval Center for Space Technology’s director highlights the programs and developments that are boosting Navy priorities.
Industry and federal partners are working on collaborations to transform the evolving cybersecurity landscape.
As agencies integrate more artificial intelligence into their operations, managing directives, policies and best practices into the process become critical.
Generative AI tools are powerful, officials note, but come with a series of challenges.
Different federal agencies are grappling with the challenges and benefits of artificial intelligence.
AI's role amid pushing computing further at the edge
Officials are honing in on use cases and how to integrate the technology ethically.
NOAA's technology chief discusses how open data and modern tools are improving data collection.
Agencies are strategizing best practices for workforce and technology to help combat disparities in health care.
Emerging technologies are improving climate modeling, weather forecasting, and threat detection and incident response.
The agency’s commissioner discusses legal standings and other considerations amid growing use of AI in hiring decisions.
AI is critical piece of the future of mental health care, ultimately making mental health resources and tools more accessible for all.
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