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The agency aims to expand RPA use across the federal government.
With a sign for a new wave for AI performing certain jobs, government agencies see value in bots.
One study is the latest in a series of efforts to use AI to address mental health concerns.
The nature of AI programs could breed Trojans, a problem the IARPA is addressing with an upcoming program.
MIT researchers launch new AI program to rate the accuracy of news postings.
AI is getting closer to natural language, thanks to industry advancements.
Let's not have machines make life or death decisions, shall we?
Rounding up IT and advanced tech-related news impacting government and industry.
The big advantage to the system, researchers say, is speed.
Agencies can take similar steps as industry to truly benefit from AI.
Agencies have to consider how to manage the incoming flux of virtual employees.
But do we treat them as pseudo people or IT assets?