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The Department of Education enhances the digital experience for 16 million users through implementation of the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act.
The Veterans Legacy Memorial remembrance platform includes additional veteran profiles from DOD cemeteries ahead of Memorial Day.
John Boerstler explains how customer experience initiatives are building trust among veterans.
The VA: Health and Benefits app is improving customer experience by centralizing veteran services.
The Education Department has been overhauling its digital services for improved UX design.
Memorial Affairs Undersecretary Matthew Quinn prioritizes tech in veteran memorial programs.
New developments in VA’s profile pages for veterans laid to rest help family members memorialize their legacy.
The agency is expanding its digital services and community partnerships to streamline the taxpayer experience.
Data leaders from GAO and VA discuss how they’re collecting user feedback to improve CX.
Of the $14.1 billion proposed IRS budget, $798 million will improve the taxpayer experience and $310 million will fund Business Systems Modernization.
Samara Strauss discusses how VA's digital services team is leveraging human-centered design to improve veterans' experience and services.
SSA CIO Sean Brune eyes improved digital services and security for the nation's benefits agency.
Customer experience leaders at CISA, GSA and OMB explain how they’re shifting strategies to support President Biden’s recent executive order.
With nine projects underway, Pilot IRS is emerging as an avenue to procure key technologies quickly.
The National Library of Medicine has collected and provided COVID-19 literature, clinical trial information and more to help us overcome the pandemic.
Automation tech is helping the IRS process unused claims on its free online preparation and filing service.
Smarter modernization, data, automation, as well as customer and digital services will see the spotlight in 2022.
Low code and other cloud capabilities are used throughout DOD to ease transformation of digital services development.
Agencies are working with their users to determine which technologies will improve the digital experience.
Kessel Run hopes its work will encourage more collaboration across the Defense Department.