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Federal Cybersecurity News and Analysis

News and analysis covering cybersecurity across the U.S. federal government. The increasing digitization of vital information and government services has left key agencies correspondingly vulnerable to data breach by rogue actors and U.S. adversaries. This imperative to safeguard federal IT against malicious intrusion has motivated decision-makers across federal agencies to continue applying breaking cybersecurity methods to core systems.
Public and private cybersecurity executives spoke about the ways agencies and industry alike are increasing cybersecurity efforts to protect health care data.
Industry and federal partners are working on collaborations to transform the evolving cybersecurity landscape.
The agency’s deputy CISO breaks down some of the tools he’s prioritizing amid evolving security threats.
With the release of the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy, the administration and its partners aim to build foundational cyber skills in Americans long-term.
The plan is the latest in a series of directives that outline cybersecurity initiatives and responsibilities across 18 federal agencies.
A new memo outlines the key areas federal agencies will need to prioritize from the National Cybersecurity Strategy.
The strategy, evaluation and analytics that reinforce application security features and defend against evolving threats.
The White House released a memo outlining five cybersecurity areas federal agencies will need to prioritize as they make their budgetary decisions.
The agency and its allies engaged in an exercise to demonstrate their defensive operations and improve cyber defenses in the U.S.
The list is a priority for organizations working to prevent cyberattacks in a heightened threat environment.
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated data sharing between federal health agencies, highlighting the need for stronger cybersecurity as cybercrime continues to plague government and health organizations.
CISO Lynette Sherrill outlines how the agency is using a zero trust mindset at the heart of the agency's cybersecurity approach.
Outgoing Air Force CIO Lauren Knausenberger reflects on the impacts she has made at the service and what’s next.
CISA's updated guidance provides more technical depth across the five pillars of zero trust and adds a new maturity stage.
Technology leaders across government gathered to discuss top IT modernization priorities during DOL’s Federal Tech Day, which included AI and cybersecurity.
The agency released a ‘roadmap’ to help organizations decrease and confront cyberattacks in health care.
Michele Thomas discusses her career in government and what’s ahead in cybersecurity innovation for homeland security.
The Office of the National Cyber Director teased the upcoming cyber workforce strategy.
As the Defense Department implements its zero trust roadmap, data tagging and workforce education are both a challenge and an opportunity.