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Different federal agencies are grappling with the challenges and benefits of artificial intelligence.
Federal agencies executing DEIA strategies in support of White House executive order 14035 reported improved morale and detailed plans to bolster workforce recruitment.
NNSA, an agency with one of the most sensitive missions in government, plans to deploy commercial cloud capabilities for classified systems.
SEC, USPTO and GAO use automation to maximize operations by reducing repeated tasks and optimize workflows.
The Defense Department faces an uphill battle as they continue to tackle cultural and trust challenges while moving toward the adoption and implementation of AI.
As federal agencies' overall FITARA scores decline, the House Oversight and Reform Committee considers gaps in the scoring methodology and data.
Data leaders from GAO and VA discuss how they’re collecting user feedback to improve CX.
Training a cyber-aware workforce can transform end users from potential vulnerabilities into security enablers.
Join us for a recap of GovCIO Media & Research's first in-person event in over two years.
Recent findings from GAO suggest digital vaccine credentials and exposure notification apps need to overcome privacy and interoperability barriers.
The Government Accountability Office has provided oversight over COVID-19 amid the challenges the pandemic has created.
GAO, VA and NASA address how they’re implementing robust security frameworks to align with a recent executive order.
Artificial intelligence has many promises for efficiency and untapped potential of data, but making it fair and equitable is still a federal challenge.
As most agencies remain unchanged across their FITARA scores, Martorana wants to bolster cyber and TMF resources.
The GAO's IT and cybersecurity lead discusses President Biden's cyber executive order.
COVID-19 pushed DHS and GAO to drive identity management and zero trust to protect its IT infrastructure, as cybersecurity threats continue to increase.
Partnerships are enabling well-rounded capabilities at GAO, GSA and State.
GAO offers a unique perspective on IT challenges faced by the federal register over the past year.
Leaders look to newer focuses in securing their ICT supply chains.
Using more automation can help federal agencies improve quality of data.