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The agency is using technologies like virtual waiting rooms and automation to mitigate the increased traffic.
Digital technologies can enhance how clinicians care for mental illnesses.
Mobile apps play an important role in telemedicine and mental health.
In recognition of mental health awareness, tech has much potential during the pandemic's self-isolation practices.
A new special report suggests that multifactor authentication, encryption and other steps can protect patients' health information.
Exploring the value of data in health science efforts across government.
The agency appears to be allocating additional resources to both internal efforts and the national response as well.
Legislation for remote voting is gaining traction amid a global pandemic.
President Trump noted several areas of accomplishments, including VA reforms and research efforts.
Agencies find opportunity in increasing diversity within cyber programs and leveraging shared services.
A working group's recommendations for artificial intelligence can propel biomedical research.
Health agencies point to a need for modernized IT infrastructure and data-driven decisions.
AI moves beyond 'just an IT issue' as it shows potential to transform workforce, veterans and health fields.
The department is committed to applying breaking methods in data analytics to further HHS’ public health missions.
Data and legislation can improve veteran access to health care services.
HHS has a wealth of data sets. The agency is exploring ways it can use AI and RPA technologies to better use this data. CTO Ed Simcox is helping oversee this effort.
VA representatives emphasized private-public partnerships and tying research initiatives to improving business lines.
The electronic health record initiative is progressing toward the Nellis wave next year.
The congressman chairs the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction, VA and Related Agencies.