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Health Equity

The agency is aiming to standardize social determinants to support health IT initiatives supporting equity.
Health agencies are tasked with implementing the Biden plan to responsibly use AI. Do health leaders think it will work?
The federal executive order on trustworthy AI spurs agency goals to develop much-needed trustworthy systems in health care.
Federal leaders are calling for increased attention to digital tools for reducing maternal deaths.
The new data interoperability standards include 20 new data elements and one new data class.
The agency’s ‘Moving Forward’ strategy is reshaping IT and improving the way data is shared across the public health ecosystem.
Agencies are strategizing best practices for workforce and technology to help combat disparities in health care.
Leaders from our Health Tech Equity Working Group address implicit and explicit biases that threaten equity efforts in health care.
HHS is on a progressive path to increase access to patient data, operationalize policies and form partnerships.
Data strategies are aimed at improving health equity in the long term.
Our group of federal leaders met to discuss how government can mitigate bias and develop better standards to deliver more equitable health care.
Micky Tripathi unpacks ONC’s latest priorities aimed at creating standards to improve interoperability, including TEFCA and a new proposed rule on certification.
The inaugural Health Tech Equity Working Group report outlines challenges and best practices as the government aims to make health services more equitable.
Leaders from ONC discuss how the concept is using data standards to ensure data privacy and equity in health care.
Federal health officials from CMS and CDC are adopting USCDI standards to further public health interoperability and equity goals.
Major tech efforts are underway to provide health equity, create a more inclusive hiring process and increase the number of women in leadership and cybersecurity roles.
As the public health emergency ends, CMS emphasizes key technologies for post-pandemic operations.
The National Cancer Institute's Center for Global Health is embracing health equity and developing new technologies to advance cancer research and decrease cancer deaths worldwide.
Join our researchers for a look back at 2022’s top health IT trends and what to expect in 2023.
White House legislation prompted VA to accelerate diversity strategies across the enterprise and ensure equitable service delivery to all veterans.