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Veterans Affairs News and Analysis

Breaking news covering technology policy and IT development at the Department of Veterans Affairs, ranging from modernization of the VA’s health care system to breaking research into artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Veterans Health Administration manages one of the largest health care systems in the U.S., and has been engaged in breaking research into medical care and advanced diagnostics along with broad-reaching programs to modernize its electronic health records system. Considering the VA’s scope, reforms to its broader IT infrastructure have wide-reaching implications for the lives of veterans and America’s health care system as a whole.
Public and private cybersecurity executives spoke about the ways agencies and industry alike are increasing cybersecurity efforts to protect health care data.
Officials say the technology is poised to transform health care with the right investment.
VA’s Dr. Carolyn Clancy discussed the six key principles underscoring the VA’s use of AI in veteran’s health care.
The program is closing the gap in getting veterans to their health care appointments.
The agency’s deputy CISO breaks down some of the tools he’s prioritizing amid evolving security threats.
Kurt DelBene outlines progress in his digital modernization strategy and the future of technology development.
As agencies integrate more artificial intelligence into their operations, managing directives, policies and best practices into the process become critical.
The agency recognized recent programs during an event at its health care facility in Palo Alto.
Work across agencies are improving new tech and eyeing joint health information exchanges that make data more interoperable and transparent.
Federal officials modernizing the common health record are focusing on creating a joint environment for a coordinated care model.
VA’s Kendall Krebs unpacks the latest developments with the agency’s cloud migration and discusses next steps for security.
The tech chief is stressing the importance of a shared, integrated team between government and industry on contracting opportunities.
CISO Lynette Sherrill outlines how the agency is using a zero trust mindset at the heart of the agency's cybersecurity approach.
With a new path forward, VA Deputy CIO Laura Prietula discusses next steps for its Oracle-Cerner EHR system and rollout.
Leaders from VA outline their targets for upcoming contracts and explain the next steps in the pipeline.
Federal acquisition leaders outline top goals and priorities for upcoming government contracts during the VETS23 conference in Orlando, Florida.
The Veterans Legacy Memorial remembrance platform includes additional veteran profiles from DOD cemeteries ahead of Memorial Day.
Data strategies are aimed at improving health equity in the long term.
Leaders from the Army and VA outline how they’re modernizing their IT systems to streamline talent management.
The U.S. Senate confirmed Joshua Jacobs Wednesday as VA’s new undersecretary for benefits amid the PACT Act implementation.