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The House and Senate armed services committees approved versions that would impact defense network security, innovation and the workforce.
CMS' digital services chief sees tech as a key enabler for mission-critical services around equity, payments and recruiting.
Eight user experience principles make up new tools supplementing EHR functions to provide insights around health symptoms and workforce burden.
The National Cancer Institute highlights the collaborative tools and initiatives for improved screening, treatment and outcomes for cancer patients.
The cross-government training program aims to improve core competencies needed for the evolving digital and technology landscape.
Partnerships are crucial enablers for helping the Defense Department counter growing threats.
Join our hosts for a look back at 2022’s top cyber trends and what to expect in the coming year.
The agency has stood up its systems to accommodate an influx in claims and services. Now it looks for additional workforce to fill critical roles.
The joint force needs transformational computing technologies to achieve JADC2.
NNSA, an agency with one of the most sensitive missions in government, plans to deploy commercial cloud capabilities for classified systems.
This special Thanksgiving-themed episode dives into key initiatives in government technology.
Army struggles to strengthen its workforce to meet its growing digital engineering needs
The service leverages analytics and technology to recruit and develop civilian talent.
New policies are incorporating more flexibility to recruit talented employees.
The service sees a modern workforce a requirement for delivering modern services and data capabilities.
Women face many barriers to STEM careers, but trailblazers like CYBERCOM's Col. Candice Frost have a plan to smash those barriers.
Government is moving toward a more collaborative approach, and higher education is training a multi-disciplinary workforce to meet the moment.