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The Defense Department is prototyping a series of 5G technologies across its bases to advance areas including telemedicine.
CISA and NSA provide guidance for how federal agencies can address critical vulnerabilities in their networks.
The network plays a critical role in finding safe and effective coronavirus treatments at an accelerated pace.
AI is helping to prevent fraud, waste and abuse of funds.
Thundercat Technology and NetApp go over key strategies for federal agencies looking to adopt AI.
CBP is using an integrated cloud approach in support of the national security mission across its agencies.
GSA officials explained how mission-driven IT allows federal agencies to pivot more quickly during times of crisis.
With phishing and the upcoming election, securing infrastructure remains a top necessity that initiatives like TIC 3.0 will advance.
Amid challenges of file and metadata standardization challenges, the agency is rolling out several solutions to optimize its electronic records management initiative.
The agency is training its workforce and collaborating with partners to protect information.
The agency saw substantial improvements in how it applies technology to better service veterans.
The agency is coupling API development with a focus on human-centered design to lay the groundwork for both current modernization and future initiatives.
The agency has implemented flexible technological capabilities to support ongoing COVID-19 response efforts.
Effects of the pandemic on the workforce are pushing the Air Force's digital modernization efforts.
NIH, CDC and FDA leaders see health data sharpening government's understanding of COVID-19.
Federal leaders reflect on the benefits of cloud for ongoing telework capabilities.
A senate committee is considering current temporary COVID-19 telehealth expansion policies in a more permanent capacity in the future.
The MISSION Act led to improved reporting of staffing and vacancy data at the agency.
Federal CIOs hope to maintain telework capabilities, as well as cloud and scalable solution adoption in a post-pandemic work environment.
Successful AI and machine-learning capacities within health systems require a foundational attention to data quality and the broader care environment.