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The agency released a final strategic report suggesting ways to relieve provider EHR burdens and improve care.
The agency encourages organizations to engage with the framework and contribute to the standards' evolution.
A layered defense approach won’t work anymore — zero trust is necessary as the Defense Department moves to the cloud.
The agency is thinking through how to modernize while sustaining core functions managed under legacy systems.
Cloud innovators are enabling companies and federal agencies to fully leverage artificial intelligence and complex analytics in their business lines.
Data can accelerate the approval processes for new drugs and medical devices.
Leadership is focusing on stabilizing legacy systems, the cloud, incremental change and Agile methodology.
A CTO, CDO and CISO plus a federal appointee are moving on to other opportunities.
Rep. Michael Burgess sees potential for future technology to improve medical care.
The No. 2 leader reiterates the agency's goals toward cutting costs and empowering patients with data.
Technology experts across the federal health sector see customer satisfaction as the essential purpose behind implementing complex analytics.
Federal health care agencies look to modernize their systems to prepare for accelerated innovation.
The agency's annual report shows initiatives driven by digital services, data and IT improving national health research and care.
The milestone is opening doors of future blockchain-driven opportunities within the agency.
The National Counterintelligence and Security Center emphasized the need for executive-level cyber education.
The agency is aiming to advance and address the accuracy and privacy concerns of its biometrics system.
A GAO report highlights policy areas as the FDA considers regulatory rules around the technology.
Government is looking toward successful service delivery using human-centered design.
CIOs and CISOs should have a role in driving policy changes and technical changes.
President Trump noted several areas of accomplishments, including VA reforms and research efforts.