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Role models are important to furthering the IT and tech workforce.
The research agency is centered on the convergence of engineering and the physical and life sciences.
Helping researchers answer most pressing questions in health advancements with machine-learning.
Efforts underway are aimed at delivering better and more efficient care to veterans.
Consolidating the multiple award schedule is a large feat, but will bring many efficiencies.
Information-sharing and defending health care from threats are some security initiatives at the agency.
The defense organization is pushing new boundaries in its hiring and innovation practices.
Partnerships are increasingly becoming important in government cybersecurity efforts.
HHS is making strides in innovating its cybersecurity posture through its approach to recurrent neural networks and beyond.
The CIO Council is a forum of federal CIOs to improve IT practices across government.
Connolly is responsible for shaping government-wide policy for a broad range of issues, including federal workforce and agency oversight, procurement and information policy, and more.
Small businesses are a crucial part to development next-generation cancer technology.
The cybersecurity efforts within the overall Optimize NIH initiative are important toward the agency's IT improvements.
A new approach to training service providers is essential to bake cybersecurity into health care.
How the nation's largest health care provider manages security.
HHS hopes to change how the agency buys with technology.
We dive into some of HHS' tech initiatives that improve public health like KidneyX.
HHS's Office of the National Coordinator promotes widespread use of health information technology.
The FBI must strategize its IT modernization efforts while balancing crucial security responsibilities.