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Meagan Metzger talks to GovernmentCIO Media about her tech accelerator
The department is committed to applying breaking methods in data analytics to further HHS’ public health missions.
From address collection to mobile self-response, the U.S. Census Bureau is leveraging big data.
Agencies are implementing data analytics tools and automated tech services to attract, retain and improve overall engagement among employees.
Federal leaders hope AI use cases will spur innovation across government.
The emerging technologies can predict, anticipate and protect against dangerous chemicals in the U.S. food supply.
Among Jose Arrieta's initiatives as new CIO include engaging with industry partners and testing advanced technology.
USPTO leader talks how data analytics and cloud efforts are making strides at the agency.
Information security veteran emphasizes the need to move past a detection-based model to a mathematically predictive model.
The program's participation could signal groundbreaking research for underrepresented communities.
Emerging technologies and regional hubs are part of the solution to increase efficiencies in background investigations.
Combining practices from the private sector with advances in big data, the agency has begun systematically reshaping veteran care.
Government data and emerging tech leaders discuss the ramifications of the data boom and how agencies can harness it.
The agency's chief data officer discusses leveraging data in its IT modernization efforts to make flying safer.
Leaders from government and industry rely on technology to overcome current drug crises and predict the next.
DOD's chief data officer emphasizes evidence-based decision-making, aligning data management efforts with DOD business leaders and building industry pipelines to drive government data science.
Floor demonstrations and announcements include a cybersecurity best practices guide, wearable devices and more.
The department is looking for innovative vendors to streamline purchasing, eliminate redundant contracts and provide purchasers with real-time data.
In order to fix it, the chief data officer is working on improving data quality and making data sets machine-readable.
It's not about the expertise you learn in government, but how you got through the years of service.