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emerging tech

The emerging technologies can predict, anticipate and protect against dangerous chemicals in the U.S. food supply.
New tech has a place, but agencies should be mindful of security risks.
Leaders and stakeholders across federal government agencies weigh the implications of artificial intelligence.
Major initiatives include cloud migration, integrity of communications and augmented reality.
CIO Suzette Kent and others provide updates about recruitment and shared service programs.
Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says the range of threats is too big for any one organization to fight alone.
Adoption of a commercial electronic health record will allow for fast adoption of emerging tech at the Defense Health Agency.
The 2019 cohort will look for any technology impacting national security.
GSA's Justin Herman helps agencies navigate blockchain and and still finds time to build his own tuk-tuk.
It's not about the expertise you learn in government, but how you got through the years of service.
It's a game-changing technology, but a locus for cyberattacks.
It's in the name of public safety.
To make breakthroughs, it has to be adaptive and agile.
Knowing what’s likely to happen soon is always a great idea.
There are plenty of kinks to work out.
Many of these innovations start small.
Emerging technologies offer new opportunities to government agencies looking to modernize IT infrastructure
Bias and inaccuracies plague the technology.