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Health IT

The bill supports IT modernization, telehealth, telework and security as the country combats the coronavirus pandemic.
The solution automates and integrates sample prep, nucleic acid extraction and detection for fast results.
CVP Director on the benefits automation can bring to clinical workflows.
The agency backs a system that will provide test results within three hours, while seeking other solutions.
The world's largest pathological tissue repository can provide researchers valuable data to combat infectious diseases.
The officials report successful transition of MTFs to DHA and MHS GENESIS EHR deployments to House members.
Leaders from health agencies across government are progressing in applications for the technology.
The plan aims to leverage quality electronic health data and advance an IT architecture.
The agency is thinking through how to modernize while sustaining core functions managed under legacy systems.
Role models are important to furthering the IT and tech workforce.
Veterans Affairs is focused on advancing its modernization agenda through furthering existing achievements and fostering interagency collaboration.
Rep. Michael Burgess sees potential for future technology to improve medical care.
Technology experts across the federal health sector see customer satisfaction as the essential purpose behind implementing complex analytics.
The agency's annual report shows initiatives driven by digital services, data and IT improving national health research and care.
The research agency is centered on the convergence of engineering and the physical and life sciences.
Helping researchers answer most pressing questions in health advancements with machine-learning.
The plan emphasizes end-user empowerment, leveraging and securing data, and a series of other priorities.
Agency leaders are looking to apply artificial intelligence to create profiles that enable personalized and responsive care.
Leadership is taking a behind-the-scenes approach to IT in the delivery of health care.
The federal health care community is hitting target goals outlined in the Federal Data Strategy.