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Adam Patterson

Staff Writer/Researcher
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Adam Patterson is a staff writer/researcher for GovernmentCIO Media & Research, where he covers IT and innovation at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Prior to joining the team in June 2019, Adam worked as a researcher at the National Defense University’s Center for Applied Strategic Learning (CASL) where he helped design war games and crisis response exercises. He has also worked at the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Affairs performing research and analysis covering the Syrian Civil War.

Adam earned a Master of Arts in strategic studies and Middle East studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies where he focused on insurgency, asymmetrical conflict and the social origins of mass violence.


Agency leaders linked complex IT modernization initiatives with improving customer experience.

The newly launched Veterans Legacy Memorial builds atop agency databases to create a living tribute to America's veterans.

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Information security veteran emphasizes the need to move past a detection-based model to a mathematically predictive model.

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